Real Estate Investors and Developers

We represent property and building owners, real estate investors, land and commercial developers, lenders, lessors, buyers and sellers. We provide transactional services to facilitate the purchase, sale and lease of commercial property in Florida. From developing large apartment complexes and condominiums to rehabilitating commercial and residential properties, we offer both seasoned investors and those looking for new opportunities complete legal assistance.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Commercial Leasing
Residential Leasing
Real Estate Litigation

Community Association Law

We handle all legal proceedings associated with condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowners’ associations throughout Florida. Our services include assisting the Board of Directors and management team with conducting meetings, revising Association documents, enforcing covenants and restrictions, drafting and negotiating contracts, and providing collection and foreclosure litigation services.

Homeowners’ Associations
Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Parks

Jonathan Damonte has converted 40 MHPs to resident ownership, and we've watched the many resulting benefits accumulate to the residents over the years. We represent many Mobile Home Park Owners with full service legal assistance including document revision, contracts, purchase and sale agreements, title insurance, government compliance, management, abandonments, evictions, and litigation.

Resident Owned MHPs
Mobile Home Park Owners
Full Service Legal Assistance

Private Lenders

We represent private lenders making loans to builders and rehabbers with contract review, preparation of loan documents, review of closing documents, and foreclosure, if needed.

Private Lenders
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Full Service Legal Assistance

At Jonathan James Damonte, Chartered, we represent real estate investors and developers and can handle all aspects of commercial real estate closings. We also represent condominiums, cooperatives, homeowners’ associations and mobile home parks in eviction, foreclosure and rule violation actions. In addition, we assist clients with estate planning and administering probate and we handle first party insurance disputes.